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Converge SELECT

Build your own Curated Marketplace in simple steps using our unique platform

Build, curate, and control high-reach, quality campaigns based on your own KPIs and goals. Direct integrations with Publishers ensure real Brand Safety, fraud-free trading, and transparency.

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converge meaningful mesurement
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Trade Your Way

Buyers (not sellers) make their own decisions on inventory through their own-built Curated Marketplaces

Meaningful Measurement

Measure advertising attention levels & campaign carbon emissions on the platform

Trade With Insight

Use your business intelligence to optimise every trade through our intuitive platform

Local service and support

Dedicated account management means better results and faster answers

Additional Features

Accurately target large-scale audiences with the
right messages

Context at scale
Match context with content across your marketplace and drive stronger
attention levels
Real-time platform functionality means publishers can meet your targeting needs
Ad Ops Automation
Set up campaigns in under 1 minute with the goals and outcomes needed to win
Trading Management
Designed for transparency -  no hidden fees, and report against every cent of 'working media'
Tailored Reporting
Customised dashboards mean you can quickly visualise data before sharing reports with colleagues & clients
Data activated campaigns
Utilise 1st/2nd/3rd party and TGI panel data to target consenting users with custom messages.
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Inventory Formats


  • IAB Standard and Large Units 300×250 | 160×600 | 728×90 | 970×250 | 300×600
  • Cross channel, cross device opportunities
  • Desktop | Mobile Web | Mobile App
  • Programmatic Native
  • Programmatic Rich Media
converge inventory format display
converge inventory format video

Inventory Formats


  • Broadcaster VOD
  • Pre-roll inventory | Professionally Produced Content | Premium Environments
  • Click-to-Play Video | User Initiated | 100% Viewable
  • Outstream Video Units | Context Targeting at Scale
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