As the world becomes increasingly concerned with the impact of humanity on the environment, more and more industries are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint - and the world of Digital Advertising is no exception.

In fact, the industry has already taken a major step forward with the introduction of Converge’s Carbon AdTrack, a proprietary - and world first - measure of carbon emissions amassed within a digital campaigns journey, that gives advertisers the tools and information needed to then make informed and balanced business decisions around optimizing or offsetting the carbon output of their digital media output.

This is the first positive, tangible step towards measuring the emissions of all media - not just digital.

Developed in partnership with Scope3 - the world leaders in this field - this measurement has now been made available as standard for any and all campaigns run via our Select trading platform.

The need for measuring carbon output has primarily been driven by Advertisers reacting to a more socially and environmentally conscious consumer demand, and as a result there is a requirement for more efficient ways of ethical media buying so that these businesses can align their media investment with their corporate ESG values.

The measurement itself is calculated through a highly accurate model of website performances. This is built using a variety of data sources, both public and private, and utilising machine learning to fill in the gaps. To calculate the overall carbon emissions from a particular campaign, we follow a nine-stage process before being able to report back on the carbon weight (in kilograms) of any campaign that is bought, executed, and measured through our platform.

Carbon AdTrack is a major step forward for the digital advertising industry, providing a powerful tool for advertisers who are looking to find ways to not only improve the overall performance of their advertising, but also reduce their carbon footprint and take a more sustainable approach to their advertising campaigns.

By giving advertisers the information they need to make more informed decisions, Carbon AdTrack is now helping to drive the industry towards a more sustainable future.