“If there are no cookie crumbs left to follow across the internet, how are advertisers meant to find their target audience?”

This has been the question on everyone’s lips since rumours of the cookie’s demise began in (what feels like, at least) 1995. But when you consider that question in the cold light of day, it is kind of like asking ‘how am I meant to get a date without being able to stalk the people I like the look of?'.

It’s kind of weird. And it’s definitely unnecessary.

Well stalk no more, because at Converge, we have built a targeting tool that allows us to harness key data points - relating to both your campaign and your ideal audience - and hone in on what are deemed ‘ideal environments’ for your ads.

To achieve this, it's all about answering 3 key questions: where, for who, and why. Think of it as matchmaking for your campaign - ensuring that your ads end up in the most compatible digital spaces for both engagement and interaction to flourish.

The Where - Content

This is where we begin to map out where we anticipate your target audience to be found. Details of your campaigns target gender, age, lifestyle interests and economic status, each help us to focus in on which publisher sites your key demographic is likely to be spending time on - and from there we engage Kantar survey panel data to be in a position to further focus in on which section (or environment) your potential customer is likely to interact.

The Who - Context

This part of the process is possible through what are essentially linguistic triggers, which have been meticulously crafted relative to various topics. So, when we are wanting to find an audience that is not only likely to be reading a certain article type, but truly engaging with it, we utilise the relevant ‘whitelist’ of keywords to that topic, and our Select platform will then scour content in search of those words to have your ads placed within the right context.

For example, where you may have previously only targeted 6 Nations readers in the Sport Section of The Times, you can now engage our keyword targeting for The 6 Nations (256 words), and as a result, you are in a position to find that ideal target audience reading about the sponsorship renewals in the Business section, or researching recommendations of things to do when visiting London within the Travel section.

The Why - Historical Data

And lastly, but by no means leastly, based on previous performance data available to us across the platform, we are able to recommend the best suited publishers, formats and creative types to compliment not only your campaign specifically, but also your brand overall.

Every month from March 2024, we will be offering context targeting within Select for the key events across Ireland and beyond - so if you are wanting to align your campaigns with engaged audiences, and elevate your advertising approach, get in touch today, and let's build towards your next triumph in the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising.