Use AdTech to Disrupt and Create Value.

Like any burgeoning technology, Advertising Technology (AdTech), has all the positive potential to disrupt existing work practices and create additional value.

For Advertisers and Publishers using a platform like Converge-Select, that means value in time saved, and money better invested in product or marketing. This can be done in a number of different ways including:

  • Automation – AdTech can automate laborious tasks or processes that are often inherited (“It’s just the way we have always done it”) and frankly no longer needed. Using the automation advantage frees up people to do better, higher value work as well as increasing overall AdOps efficiencies and productivity.
  • Innovation – using good AdTech makes room for advertisers and agencies to develop new products or services or to improve existing ones. This can create value by meeting unmet or emerging needs. For example, being able to measure and quantify the Carbon Emissions of a campaign and arm the advertiser with that information, so that they can decide on the next appropriate action – whether to offset or optimise.
  • Connectivity – Converge AdTech can facilitate more and better-informed conversations between people and businesses around what kind of digital advertising works and what doesn’t work. Advertisers can then get to see where their money is going by building their own dedicated, transparent marketplaces, using quality brand-building publishers. That’s in stark contrast to the increasing opaqueness of the platforms and the products they focus on selling.
  • Data Analysis – AdTech can be used to collect, process, and analyse advertising data on a large scale, helping marketing organisations to make better informed decisions around where, when and how they should invest their media budgets in order to get the best RoMI (return-on-marketing-investment)