A tiger team is originally a military term for a specialised, cross-functional team brought together to solve or investigate a specific problem or critical issue.

That’s what we do in Converge, but we do it every day of the week (and without the khaki!).

Our Dublin-based support team are real and ready to help existing or new advertisers in getting successful advertising campaigns up on the internet. We promise you a team of experts, experienced and mature in their different skills sets, who will understand your digital marketing needs and deliver upon them. That’s from the very biggest of requests right down to the smallest.

With our help, and in using our platform, you can:

  • Have the confidence to ask the questions (none of which will be ‘stupid’)
  • Save time and money for your business
  • Introduce new innovations into your media and marketing
  • Define your target audience and campaigns through context, attention, carbon emissions, kantar TGI data, brand safety and more

Please get in touch, and we’ll visit you or come and see us, and we’ll buy you a coffee in our fab new offices

Best of all, and unlike tigers, none of us bite!