In working with Converge, be it as an agency or advertiser, you gain direct access to the prime inventory of premium digital Irish publishing titles, within the safe, controlled environment that is our Select platform.

But what if you have to work under the remit of running your campaign through DV360 or The Trade Desk or any other DSP? Can we still work together? Is that inventory limited to just Select? Are you doomed to buy from the abyss forever?

Fear not.

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital advertising, finding ways to reach the right audience efficiently and effectively is paramount. Private Marketplaces (PMP) within the realm of Real-Time Bidding (RTB) have emerged as a game-changer, offering a host of benefits for both advertisers and publishers alike. And as we are in the privileged position of working directly with these publishers, Converge can take specific contextually targeted inventory, and cordon it off within a customised, privatised bubble (or PMP) for you to buy within -thus allowing both you and your campaign to flourish in the wild.

Understanding PMP in RTB

Private Marketplaces are a subset of programmatic advertising that allow Converge to offer our Publishing partners’ premium ad inventory to specific advertisers through invitation-only auctions. These PMP's enable advertisers and publishers to establish direct relationships, giving advertisers access to high-quality inventory while allowing publishers to maintain control over their ad placements.

The perkiest of the perks:

1.Premium Inventory Access

One of the standout benefits of PMP within the world of RTB is access to premium ad inventory. Publishers often reserve their best ad spaces, such as homepage placements or exclusive content sections, for direct or PMP deals. This means RTB advertisers now have the opportunity to showcase their content in those most desirable positions, thus improving visibility and engagement rates.

2.Transparency and Brand Safety

PMP's offer a higher level of transparency and control compared to open RTB auctions.Advertisers can control the publishers they want to work with, ensuring that their brand appears in a safe and reputable environment. This control minimises the risk of ad fraud and exposure to potentially harmful content.

3.Targeted Audience Reach

PMP's enable advertisers to tailor their targeting criteria more precisely. By collaborating directly with publishers, advertisers can leverage first-party data to reach their desired audience segments with greater accuracy. Converge are also in the privileged position to be able to package specific contextual inventory into our deals, which will generally lead to not only better engagement with your advertisement, but higher conversion rates alongside more efficient use of your ad spend.

4.Reduced Competition

In open RTB auctions, advertisers often face fierce competition for ad impressions, driving up costs. In contrast, PMP's offer a more controlled environment with limited competition, allowing advertisers to secure impressions at more stable (and potentially lower) prices.

5.Customized Deal Terms

Private Marketplaces provide room for negotiation between publishers and advertisers.This flexibility allows for customized deal terms, such as fixed pricing,priority access to inventory, and creative placement options. Advertisers are afforded the position to lay out and negotiate terms that align with their specific campaign objectives.

Strategies for Success

To make the most of PMP on your Real Time Bidding journey, we would recommend the following as your best starting points;

Audience Segmentation: Use the targeting capabilities of PMP's to segment your audience effectively. Leverage the first-party data provided by publishers to refine your audience selection.

Creative Optimization: Tailor your ad creatives to align with the premium placements you secure through PMP's. Make the most of the premium inventory by crafting compelling, high-quality ads.

Collaborate Closely: Maintain open lines of communication with ourselves. Collaborate on campaign objectives, expectations, and optimization strategies to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership.

Testing and Iteration: Continuously test different ad formats, messages, and audience segments within your PMP's. Use performance data to refine your strategies and improve campaign outcomes.

Performance Monitoring: Regularly monitor the performance of your PMP campaigns. Adjust your bidding strategies and targeting criteria based on real-time data to maximise ROI.

Ultimately,Private Marketplaces within Real-Time Bidding advertising can provide a wealth of opportunities for advertisers to access premium inventory, maintain brand safety, and target their audience with precision.

If our Select platform isn’t an option for your business, then in harnessing our PMP's and implementing the strategies outlined above, you will be able to create more effective and efficient advertising campaigns that deliver superior results in the competitive digital advertising jungle that is Real-Time Bidding.

PMP in RTB. WTF? More like FTW!